I have been working with Chris now for over a year on managing my rental property. Having him market and show the property, then handle finding and qualifying potential tenants has really taken a lot of the headache and hassle out of the process of owning a rental property. It is nice to work with a professional and have someone that you can trust to do things in your best interest, not just bring in the first potential tenants in order to cash in. Chris uses his good judgment of people along with the background information to recommend what he feels is a good fit for your property. Of course, it is always left up to you to make the decision on who you rent to.

In addition to having Chris find the tenants I have chosen to also have him manage the property on a monthly basis. For a small percentage of the monthly rent, Chris acts as the liaison between you and your tenants. Instead of me getting the call from an upset tenant over a leaky pipe or other issue, Chris takes the calls. He can either handle the problem with one of his contacts to go over and correct the issue or if you choose to, you can handle it. Either way it is nice to be able to deal with Chris and let him be the direct contact with the tenant. Chris will perform occasional on-site checks of the property to ensure it is being maintained to the agreed upon standards and he handles any other issues such as late payments, etc. If you’re reluctant to get involved with rental property or just tired of some of the headache, I would recommend having Chris handle the management of your property and allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of a landlord without all the hassle.

– Clint Sims, Dacula, GA
Home located in Dacula, GA

After contacting several different property management companies in the metro-Atlanta area for price quotes and services offers, I decided to go with Chris Compton with Absolutely Affordable Property Management Services. Prior to final selection I reached out to several of his current clients to get their feedback for his services and not surprisingly all were extremely positive. I’ve been working with Chris for over a year now, and will continue to do so for all of my rental property and real estate needs.

His professionalism towards clients as well as tenants makes my landlord experience painless, and I know that any issues will be resolved efficiently and quickly. Although I’ve not had any major issues at my rental home, there have been minor items such a leak under the sink, and a slight electrical issue. Both were resolved quickly and affordably, which is a great relief to myself as well as my tenants. I have complete confidence to recommend Chris to any potential landlords and I know that you will have equal success in your property ventures.

– Alex Houlday, Atlanta, GA
Home located in Lawrenceville, GA

Hi Chris – Wish you all the best for starting your own business. You have been giving a best service with full attention.We like to be with you because we have been feeling that our property is in the safe hands(when you are there).And really we are care free and having a great confidence in you because you have proved yourself by giving a great service. Wish you all the best and needless to write that we will be recommending you to others(means we will be gladly doing).

– Prem and Indra Sharma, India
Home Located in Sugar Hill, GA

My wife and I moved overseas and Chris has managed the property for the past 4 years. During which time, we have seen several cycles of tenants come and go, a spectrum of repairs, and critical negotiations that come with owning a rental property. Being so far away, communication is the most important thing to us, and it is this attribute of Chris that most impresses us.

Chris goes beyond the call of duty to keep us up to date on the latest matters. He takes initiative when we are not able to be reached and always acts on our best interest. Over the years we have established a very high regard and level of trust for Chris, and it is without hesitation that we recommend him in all real-estate matters.

– Tom and Martha O’Malley, Spain
Home Located in Lawrenceville, GA