Absolutely Omyra Inc. is a small company with a proven record of success. Our mission statement is “to place highly qualified tenants in well maintained homes for the mutual benefit of our homeowners and our tenants.”

Our goal for our property management clients is focused on bottom line performance. At the end of your time partnering with Omyra Inc., we expect you to have saved more money and time through our systems and knowledge than you paid us in fees.

We keep your bottom line strong by maximizing your revenues and minimizing your expenses.

We build and maintain strong relationships with great vendors so that your home is serviced promptly when needed for the lowest possible cost.

We select well-qualified tenants who will take pride in caring for your home and who will pay the rent in a timely manner. We build strong relationships with our tenants which helps keep them in your home longer, saving you thousands of dollars in turnover expense.

We use cutting edge technology to give you 24/7 access to your property records and accounting. With Omyra Inc., you have a secure owner portal at your fingertips and all the information you need is right there for you to review anytime, anywhere that you have access to the internet.

We keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. In order to keep those costs in check we maintain a small staff, low cost office space and minimal advertising, relying instead on the recommendations we get from our clients to generate new clients.

Anyone can manage a rental property. The skill is managing it correctly and efficiently. If you want your Atlanta area home managed by a small company who will provide personal service, select the best possible tenants and continually focus on your bottom line, there is no real choice to make. Just contact us to get the ball rolling.